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what we're about.

reflect is a digitally mindful chrome and firefox extension that encourages users to reflect on their relationship with technology.

when you attempt to visit distracting websites, reflect will ask you what your intention in doing so is. if you have a valid reason, you are given a set amount of time to get your work done on the website. if not, you are encouraged to be more specific in your answer or to reflect further.

our philosophy.

reflect takes a different approach from other website blockers. instead of going cold turkey, we choose to be more mindful by supporting users in accessing websites when they need to, not blocking them off entirely. our mission is to help people work distraction-free with more intention and purpose.

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our features.



you select websites you’d like to block. lots of buttons and knobs for you to customize reflect so it works for you.


privacy first.

everything stays on your computer, none of your data ever leaves your laptop. your browsing habits will stay exactly that: yours.



always free and open-source. find something that doesn't work or have a suggestion? you contribute or view our source code on GitHub.

— Saidee Danielle

— Cheryl Zhang

— Stacey T

— Cherrilynn Lele Zhang

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— Lukas Bauer


ready to reclaim your productivity? join us in our mission to help people work distraction-free with more intention and purpose.

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4.93 stars. 750+ active users.

latest release.


what's changed.

  • add option to block exact website URL (e.g.
  • treat subdomains as separate websites when blocking sites (e.g. if is blocked, and will not be blocked)
  • enable keyboard shortcuts to toggle blocking with Ctrl+Shift+O (customizable in settings)

commit: 37b4b65

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no we don't. all data (e.g. blocked sites, settings, browsing history) remains on your local browser or is synced to your Chrome or Firefox account. it is impossible for us to access that data. we do, however, collect internal analytics data such as how many people visit the site but none of it is personally identifiable information.

to help figure out what to count as 'productive' or not, we trained a machine learning model on survey data that we collected a few months back. you can find the details on our intent classification repository. as a result, there are no 'magic words' that let you in every time. what we have noticed is that the algorithm prefers longer and more specific answers oriented around some kind of work or just taking a break.

as reflect is an open-source project, anyone can help to contribute! we keep the source code in three separate repositories; one for the intent classifier, chrome extension, and this website. we will be adding more detailed contribution guides as time goes on, but feel free to make a pull request on any of them and we will review them.

help improve reflect.

did an intent not work as you expected it to? our algorithm isn't perfect! if you'd like to help improve it, you can submit the example on our feedback form and tell us what you expected to happen.

we're always looking for more ways to improve reflect. if you’d like to suggest anything, please reach out at [email protected].

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