latest release.


what's changed.

  • add option to block exact website URL (e.g.
  • treat subdomains as separate websites when blocking sites (e.g. if is blocked, and will not be blocked)
  • enable keyboard shortcuts to toggle blocking with Ctrl+Shift+O (customizable in settings)

commit: 37b4b65

previous releases.


what's changed.

  • various developer experience fixes (migration to SCSS and better use of modules)
  • 3D blobs option
  • ability to customize block message
  • improve onboarding page to enable setting initial configuration

commit: 21a44ca


what's changed.

  • made background script persistent again (should solve NLP model input delay issues on block page)

commit: 9e6bd97


what's changed.

  • changed block screen to have dynamically generated blobs! they can be disabled in options if needed
  • remove support for firefox. details
  • add whitelist for common link wrappers like
  • fixed bug where blocked pages that were open before reflect is turned off, dont get refreshed when reflect is turned back on
  • manifest defined css injection rather than head forced
  • update dependencies with vulnerabilities

commit: aa053fa


what's changed.

  • qol: check whether current page needs to be blocked when extension is toggled on/off
  • add current page display to popup
  • add ability to block page from popup
  • add sorting to analytics table

commit: 70310a2


what's changed.

  • fixed bug where sometimes intents were not being logged
  • fixed bug where extension would toggle off after successful intent

commit: b05203f


what's changed.

  • retrained nlp model on augmented data (general robustness improvements)
  • added analytics panel in options page that shows previous input intents
  • changed on/off toggle out for a popup panel

commit: 54aa72d


what's changed.

  • added redirect to onboarding screen on extension install
  • added redirect to changelog on extension update (this page!)
  • added redirect to uninstall survey on extension uninstall
  • added status badge displaying how long you have left before page is re-blocked

commit: 5a1b59d


what's changed.

  • styled options page
  • added option to customize amount of time to block for
  • fixed bug where pages would still be usable after whitelist expires
  • added some subtle drop shadows in places

commit: 4d6dc21


what's changed.

  • move everything to tensorflow.js
  • remove delay from server requests
  • fully offline (everything stays local!)

commit: ceb4fcd


what's changed.

  • use new prod-ready gke address
  • added better messaging for errors/timeout

commit: a3fb377


what's changed.

  • added autofocus to input field
  • removed annoying dropdown menu thing
  • added visual feedback (textbox shake + 'connecting...' text)
  • other behind the scenes cool stuff

commit: 93240f7


what's changed.

  • official release!

commit: 7593bfc

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